Winter 2023 (37.4)

From the Editors

The editors of Ethics & International Affairs are pleased to present the Winter 2023 issue of the journal! The highlight of this issue is a special section organized by Eszter Kollar and François Boucher on voluntariness and migration, featuring contributions by Valeria Ottonelli and Tiziana Torresi, Michael BlakeChristine Straehle, and Eszter Kollar and François Boucher. Additionally, the issue includes an essay by Mitt Regan on international law and the humanization of warfare, and an essay by Nathan Pippenger on identity politics and liberal democracy. The issue also contains a review essay by Tony Milligan on space expansionism and ethics, and a book review by Alister Miskimmon

Special Section: Voluntariness and Migration

Winter 2023 (37.4) Essay

Introduction: Voluntariness and Migration

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Winter 2023 (37.4) Feature

Voluntariness and Migration: A Restatement

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Winter 2023 (37.4) Feature

Migration, Climate Change, and Voluntariness

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Review Essay

Winter 2023 (37.4) Review Essay

Is Space Expansion the Road to Dystopia?

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Winter 2023 (37.4) Review

Debating Worlds: Contested Narratives of Global Modernity and World Order

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