Winter 2022 (36.4)

The editors of Ethics & International Affairs are pleased to present the Winter 2022 issue of the journal! The highlight of this issue is a roundtable organized by David Ragazzoni on healing and reimagining liberal constitutional democracy, featuring contributions by Rogers M. Smith, Rosalind Dixon and David Landau, Tom Ginsburg and Aziz Z. Huq, Ran Hirschl, David Ragazzoni, and Ayelet Shachar. Additionally, the issue includes a feature article by Chris Armstrong and Duncan McLaren on climate justice and net zero emissions. The issue also contains a review essay by Christian Nikolaus Braun on Jus ad Vim and the danger of perpetual war, and book reviews by Anna-Katharina Ferl, Christopher J. Finlay, and Peter Romaniuk.


Introduction: New Directions in the Study of Constitutional Democracy
David Ragazzoni

The Risks and Benefits of National Stories
Rogers M. Smith

Healing Liberal Democracies: The Role of Restorative Constitutionalism
Rosalind Dixon and David Landau

The Pragmatics of Democratic “Front-Sliding”
Tom Ginsburg and Aziz Z. Huq

The “Era of the City” as an Emerging Challenge to Liberal Constitutional Democracy
Ran Hirschl

Parties, Democracy, and the Ideal of Anti-factionalism: Past Anxieties and Present Challenges
David Ragazzoni

Solidarity in Place? Hope and Despair in Postpandemic Membership 
Ayelet Shachar


Which Net Zero? Climate Justice and Net Zero Emissions
Chris Armstrong and Duncan McLaren


But Is It Good Enough? Jus ad Vim and the Danger of Perpetual War
Christian Nikolaus Braun


Fighting Machines: Autonomous Weapons and Human Dignity
Dan Saxon
Review by Anna-Katharina Ferl

Victory: The Triumph and Tragedy of Just War
Cian O’Driscoll
Review by Christopher J. Finlay

Making War on the World: How Transnational Violence Reshapes Global Order
Mark Shirk
Review by Peter Romaniuk

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