Ethical Dilemmas in Cyberspace

| December 2018
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Abstract: This essay steps back from the more detailed regulatory discussions in other contributions to this roundtable on “Competing Visions for Cyberspace” and highlights three broad issues that raise ethical concerns about our activity online. First, the commodification of people—their identities, their data, their privacy—that lies at the heart of business models of many of the largest information and communication technologies companies risks instrumentalizing human beings. Second, concentrations of wealth and market power online may be contributing to economic inequalities and other forms of domination. Third, long-standing tensions between the security of states and the human security of people in those states have not been at all resolved online and deserve attention.

Keywords: cyberspace, ethics, data stewardship, economic inequality, human security, national security, sovereignty

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Category: Issue 32.4, Roundtable: Competing Visions for Cyberspace

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