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Warren and Haley: Post-Trump Foreign Policies?

| December 2018

One of the conclusions of the recently released report Misconnecting with the U.S. Public: Narrative Collapse and U.S. Foreign Policy is the need for U.S. political figures, particularly thinking toward a post-Trump administration, to develop a narrative which acknowledges the recent mistakes that have led to skepticism on the part of the U.S. public towards […]

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The Ethics of the “Doorstep”

| September 2018

Asha Castleberry raised a great point in her discussion with Ali Wyne (the panel on “Making Foreign Policy Relevant Again“) at the Carnegie Council: connecting the broad swath of national security matters to the “doorstep” (a formulation that participant Simran Maker amplified) of the American voter. In other words, the “doorstep test” requires the policymaker […]

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American Engagement: When It Comes to Foreign Policy, Does America Deserve Trump?

| February 2018

In a recent op-ed, two former American Foreign Service officers made a very compelling argument in support of greater American engagement globally and renewed U.S. democracy support abroad. Amb. Adrian Basora and Amb. Ken Yalowitz argue that the current global authoritarian offensive is a U.S. national security threat and conclude that “business and economic thought […]

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Democracy Promotion and a Trump Administration

| February 2017

What happens to the democracy promotion enterprise in a Trump administration? The President’s comments that under his watch the United States will not be seeking to impose its system or values on other countries suggests that the spread and strengthening of democratic systems around the world will not be a top priority and in fact […]

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The Ethical Risks of Delay

| November 2016

Even though Americans will conclude the presidential election in a matter of hours, given the so-called “lame duck” period, there will be a delay in when the new administration is seated. Even if the Democrats retain control of the executive branch, however, there will be a period of disruption as many Barack Obama appointees are […]

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Communitarian Approach? New China-U.S. Agreements

Communitarian Approach? New China-U.S. Agreements

| April 2016

Do the agreements reached at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington between Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping represent an evolution towards the communitarian vision of how international relations ought to be conducted?

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