Summer 2010 (Issue 24.2)


This issue features Alex Bellamy on the responsibility to protect; Shareen Hertel on NGO advocacy and labor rights; and Leslie Vinjamuri on deterrence and international justice. It also features essays by Sridhar Venkatapuram on global justice and the social determinants of health; and Yvonne Terlingen on UN sanctions of suspected terrorists.




Global Justice and the Social Determinants of Health
Sridhar Venkatapuram

The United States and the UN’s Targeted Sanctions of Suspected Terrorists: What Role for Human Rights? [Full Text]
Yvonne Terlingen


The Responsibility to Protect—Five Years On
Alex J. Bellamy

The Paradox of Partnership: Assessing New Forms of NGO Advocacy on Labor Rights
Shareen Hertel

Deterrence, Democracy, and the Pursuit of International Justice
Leslie Vinjamuri 


The Gender of Reparations: Unsettling Sexual Hierarchies While Redressing Human Rights Violations
Edited by Ruth Rubio-Marin
Review by Debra L. DeLaet

A Cosmopolitanism of Nations: Giuseppe Mazzini’s Writings on Democracy, Nation Building, and International Relations
Edited by Stefano Recchia and Nadia Urbinati
Review by Daniel Voelsen

Preemption: Military Action and Moral Justification
Edited by Henry Shue and David Rodin
Review by Martin Cook

Renegotiation of the Just War Tradition and the Right to War in the Twenty-First Century
Cian O’Driscoll 
Review by John W. Lango


Briefly Noted