Fall 2009 (Issue 23.3)


This issue features Darrel Moellendorf on treaty norms and climate change mitigation; Doris Schroeder and Thomas Pogge on justice and the Convention on Biological Diversity; and Mathias Risse on the right to relocation for populations of islands that are disappearing because of climate change.

Also in this issue: Daniel E. Esser on the need to restructure global health assistance, and Rajan Menon on the failure of the international community to address mass atrocities.



More Money, Less Cure: Why Global Health Assistance Needs Restructuring
Daniel E. Esser

Pious Words, Puny Deeds: The “International Community” and Mass Atrocities [Full Text]
Rajan Menon


Treaty Norms and Climate Change Mitigation
Darrel Moellendorf

Justice and the Convention on Biological Diversity
Doris Schroeder and Thomas Pogge

The Right to Relocation: Disappearing Island Nations and Common Ownership of the Earth
Mathias Risse


On Torture
Edited by Thomas C. Hilde
Review by Karen Greenberg

What’s Wrong with the United Nations and How to Fix It
Thomas G. Weiss
Review by Barbara Crossette

The Rise of the Global Imaginary: Political Ideologies from the French Revolution to the Global War on Terror
Manfred B. Steger
Review by Carole K. Fink

National Responsibility and Global Justice
David Miller
Review by Sahar Akhtar


Briefly Noted