Fall 2007 (Issue 21.3)


This issue features John W. Dietrich on PEPFAR; Robyn Eckersley on ecological intervention with exclusive online responses by Mathew Humphrey, Simon Dalby, Clare Palmer, and Mark Woods; Nancy Kokaz on poverty and global justice; Lisa Forman on access to medicines; and Alessandra Arcuri on the precautionary principle; plus a variety of book reviews.




The Politics of PEPFAR: The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief [Full Text]
John W. Dietrich


Ecological Intervention: Prospects and Limits
Robyn Eckersley


On Not Being Green about Ecological Intervention
Mathew Humphrey

Ecological Intervention and Anthropocene Ethics
Simon Dalby

Ecological Intervention in Defense of Species
Clare Palmer

Some Worries about Ecological-Humanitarian Intervention and Ecological Defense
Mark Woods


Poverty and Global Justice
Nancy Kokaz

Trade Rules, Intellectual Property, and the Right to Health
Lisa Forman

Reconstructing Precaution, Deconstructing Misconceptions
Alessandra Arcuri


The Parliament of Man: The Past, Present, and Future of the United Nations [Triple Review]
Paul Kennedy
Secretary or General?
The UN Secretary-General in World Politics
Edited by Simon Chesterman
The Best Intentions: Kofi Annan and the UN in the Era of American World Power

James Traub
Review by Barbara Crossette

Ethics in Action: The Ethical Challenges of International Human Rights Nongovernmental Organizations
Edited by Daniel A. Bell and Jean-Marc Coicaud
Review by Jennifer Rubenstein

Economic Justice in an Unfair World: Toward a Level Playing Field
Ethan B. Kapstein
Review by Richard Jolly

Rationality and the Ideology of Disconnection
Michael Taylor
Review by David A. Welch

Not a Suicide Pact: The Constitution in a Time of National Emergency
Richard A. Posner
Review by Elbridge Colby