Douglas B. Klusmeyer

Douglas B. Klusmeyer teaches in the department of justice, law, and criminology and is an affiliate faculty member of the history department at American University, Washington, D.C. He has published several articles exploring various aspects of Morgenthau’s thought, including “The American Republic, Executive Power and the National Security State: Hannah Arendt’s and Hans Morgenthau’s Critiques of the Vietnam War,” Journal of International Political Theory (2011); “Contesting Thucydides’ Legacy: Comparing Hannah Arendt and Hans Morgenthau on Imperialism, History and Theory,” International History Review (2011); “Hans Morgenthau and Republicanism,” International Relations (2010); and “Beyond Tragedy: Hannah Arendt and Hans Morgenthau on Responsibility, Evil and Political Ethics,” International Studies Review (2009).