Cornelia Navari

Cornelia Navari is honorary senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham (U.K.) and visiting professor of international affairs at the University of Buckingham (U.K.). She is the former chair and current program director of the English School section of the International Studies Association. She is the editor of Theorising International Society (2009), Ethical Reasoning in International Affairs: Arguments from the Middle Ground (2013), and (with Daniel M. Green) Guide to the English School in International Studies (2014). She is the author of Internationalism and the State in the Twentieth Century (2000) and Public Intellectuals and International Affairs (2013) and contributed the chapter on “Europe’s Public Intellectuals” to the two-volume Handbook of European Foreign Policy (2015). Currently, Navari is editing (with Molly Cochran) Progressivism and American Foreign Policy During the Inter-War Period (Palgrave), and modeling the role of international organizations in international society with Tonny Brems Knudsen and a team of young European scholars.