Michael W. Doyle and Joseph E. Stiglitz

Michael W. Doyle is Director of the Columbia Global Policy Initiative and University Professor at Columbia University. His current research focuses on international law and international relations. Among his publications are Empires (1986); Ways of War and Peace: Realism, Liberalism, and Socialism (1997); Making War and Peace: United Nations Peace Operations (with Nicholas Sambanis, 2006); Striking First: Preemption and Prevention in International Conflict (edited by Stephen Macedo, 2011); and The Question of Intervention: J. S. Mill and the Responsibility to Protect (forthcoming 2014). Doyle served as Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Planning and Special Adviser to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, where his responsibilities included strategic planning (the Millennium Development Goals), outreach to the international corporate sector (the Global Compact), and relations with Washington, DC. He also chaired the UN Democracy Fund through 2013. Doyle is a Trustee of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

Joseph E. Stiglitz is University Professor at Columbia University, the winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics, and a lead author of the 1995 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.Hewas chairman of the U.S. Council of Economic Advisors under President Clinton and chief economist and senior vice president of the World Bank for 1997–2000. Stiglitz received the John Bates Clark Medal, awarded biennially to the American economist under forty who has made the most significant contribution to the subject. He was a Fulbright Scholar at Cambridge University, held the Drummond Professorship at All Souls College, Oxford, and has taught at MIT, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton.