Mark Osiel

Mark Osiel holds the Aliber Family Chair at the University of Iowa, College of Law. His several books seek to show how we may improve the law’s responses to mass atrocity by better understanding its organizational dynamics. His writings have inspired several conferences and are assigned at many leading universities throughout the world, in a number of fields. He occasionally advises foreign governments on their transitional justice strategies, and regularly speaks at the international criminal tribunals.


Articles by this author:

Choosing Among Alternative Responses to Mass Atrocity: Between the Individual and the Collectivity (September 2015)

‘Transitional Justice’ in Israel/Palestine? Symbolism and Materialism in Reparations for Mass Violence (January 2015)

Who Are Atrocity’s ‘Real’ Perpetrators, Who Its ‘True’ Victims and Beneficiaries? (Fall 2014)