Janina Dill is the Hedley Bull Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford. She is a Junior Fellow of Merton College and an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict. She holds a D.Phil. from the University of Oxford, an M.Phil. from the University of Cambridge, and a B.A. from the Technical University Dresden in Germany. Her research focuses on international law in war, specifically its philosophical foundations and normative scope. She is currently working on turning her thesis about the role of international law in U.S. air warfare into a book.

Henry Shue is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for International Studies and Senior Research Fellow Emeritus at Merton College, Oxford. Well known for his book Basic Rights (1980) and his research on the role of human rights in international affairs, he is currently concentrating on the conduct of war, especially the bombing of “dual-use” infrastructure, such as electricity-generating facilities, and on the international terms for mitigating climate change. Most recently, he is the author (with David Luban) of “Mental Torture: A Critique of Erasures in U.S. Law,” Georgetown Law Journal (2012).