Fall 2021 (35.3)

| October 2021
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The editors of Ethics & International Affairs are pleased to present the Fall 2021 issue of the journal! The highlight of this issue is a book symposium organized by Peter Balint on Ned Dobos’s Ethics, Security, and the War Machine, featuring contributions by Peter Balint; Neta C. CrawfordC. A. J. CoadyNed Dobos; Cécile Fabre; Christopher J. Finlay; David Rodin; and Cheyney Ryan. Additionally, the issue includes a feature article by Philipp Gisbertz-Astolfi on the reduced legal equality of combatants in war and an essay by Hendrik Schopmans and Jelena Cupać on ethical AI, gender equality, and illiberal backlash politics. It also contains a review essay by Andreas Papamichail on the global politics of health security, and a book review by Claire Finkelstein. 

Entire issue free access until the end of November, courtesy of Cambridge University Press.



Engines of Patriarchy: Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Times of Illiberal Backlash Politics
Hendrik Schopmans and Jelena Cupać



Introduction: Is a Military Really Worth Having?
Peter Balint

Democracy and the Preparation and Conduct of War
Neta C. Crawford

Nation-States, Empires, Wars, Hostilities
Cheyney Ryan

War Crimes and the Asymmetry Myth
C. A. J. Coady

War, Duties to Protect, and Military Abolitionism
Cécile Fabre

Are States under a Prospective Duty to Create and Maintain Militaries?
Ned Dobos

Deconstructing Nonviolence and the War-Machine: Unarmed Coups, Nonviolent Power, and Armed Resistance
Christopher J. Finlay

Justice Between Wars
David Rodin



Reduced Legal Equality of Combatants in War
Philipp Gisbertz-Astolfi



The Global Politics of Health Security before, during, and after COVID-19
Andreas Papamichail



War By Agreement: A Contractarian Ethics of War
Yitzhak Benbaji and Daniel Statman
Review by Claire Finkelstein

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