Book Symposium: A Discussion on Clifford Bob’s Rights as Weapons

| November 2019
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The editors of Ethics & International Affairs are pleased to present an online exclusive book symposium featuring responses to Rights as Weapons: Instruments of Conflict, Tools of Power, a provocative new book by Clifford Bob that examines the ways in which rights can be used strategically by powerful political forces to suppress communities and reinforce their own interests. Utilizing a wide range of examples from various time periods and country contexts, the book considers the implications of these tactics and puts forth a unique perspective on human rights discourses. The symposium contains engaging contributions from Zoltán Búzás, Horia M. Dijmarescu, Nathalia Justo, Hye Yun Kang, Kevin D. Pham, and Rebecca Sanders.

Now featuring a rejoinder from Clifford Bob. 



Rethinking the Politics of Rights
Rebecca Sanders

Law, Morality, and Culture in Rights as Weapons
Zoltán Búzás

Ends and Means: A Response to Rights as Weapons
Hye Yun Kang

Sources of Firepower for Weaponized Rights
Kevin D. Pham

Ruling by Rights: Rule Making and Embedded Normativity
Horia M. Dijmarescu

A Conversation about the Politics of Rights within Rights as Weapons
Nathalia Justo



Rights as Weapons: A Rejoinder
Clifford Bob


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