Winter 2018 (Issue 32.4)

| December 2018
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The editors of Ethics & International Affairs are pleased to present the Winter 2018 issue of the journal! The centerpiece of this issue is a roundtable organized by Duncan B. Hollis and Tim Maurer on competing normative visions for cyberspace, with contributions from Ronald J. Deibert, Daniel J. Weitzner, Duncan B. Hollis and Jens David Ohlin, and Martha Finnemore. Additionally, the issue contains an essay by Ş. İlgü Özler taking stock of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the seventieth anniversary of its adoption; a feature by Bolarinwa Adediran assessing proposals to restrain the use of the veto at the UN Security Council; review essays by Anne Peters on international law and Micheline Ishay on human rights; and book reviews by Richard BeardsworthRory CoxChristopher J. FinlayAvery Kolers, and Michael Skerker.



The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Seventy: Progress and Challenges [Full text]
Ş. İlgü Özler



Introduction [Full text]
Duncan B. Hollis and Tim Maurer

Toward a Human-Centric Approach to Cybersecurity
Ronald J. Deibert

Promoting Economic Prosperity in Cyberspace
Daniel J. Weitzner

What if Cyberspace Were for Fighting?
Duncan B. Hollis and Jens David Ohlin

Ethical Dilemmas in Cyberspace
Martha Finnemore



Reforming the Security Council through a Code of Conduct: A Sisyphean Task?
Bolarinwa Adediran



How Not to Do Things with International Law
Anne Peters

Human Rights Under Attack: What Comes Next?
Micheline Ishay


REVIEWS [All full text]

Just Responsibility: A Human Rights Theory of Global Justice
Brooke A. Ackerly
Review by Richard Beardsworth

Return of the Barbarians: Confronting Non-State Actors from Ancient Rome to the Present
Jakub J. Grygiel
Review by Rory Cox

A Foreign Policy for the Left
Michael Walzer
Review by Christopher J. Finlay

Justice and Natural Resources: An Egalitarian Theory
Chris Armstrong
Review by Avery Kolers

Principled Spying: The Ethics of Secret Intelligence
David Omand and Mark Phythian
Review by Michael Skerker

Briefly Noted: Grave New World: The End of Globalization, the Return of History

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