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| July 2018
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Welcome to our roundup of news and current events related to ethics and international affairs! Here’s what we’ve been reading:

Leaders at the Belt and Road international forum in 2017. Pictured from the left: President of Vietnam Tran Dai Quang, President of China Xi Jinping, and President of Russia Vladimir Putin (Photo credit: President of Russia Website)

The New York Times: How China Got Sri Lanka to Cough up a Port

The transfer of the Hambantota Port Development Project from Sri Lanka to China provides yet another example of the shifting global forces, particularly the rise of China.

Read more on China’s rise and the changing world order in Ethics & International Affairs:

After Liberal Hegemony: The Advent of a Multiplex World Order (2017: Volume 31.3)

Global Governance and Power Politics: Back to Basics (2015: Volume 29.4)

China and Future International Order(s) (2018: Volume 32.1)

Women learning how vote in 1935 during the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt (Photo credit: Flickr)

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour: Why Don’t Women Get Involved in Public Life?

In celebration of the 100 years since women were given the right to vote in the UK, BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour presents recent findings of British women’s attitudes towards getting involved in public life.

Read more on the dimensions of gender in global affairs in Ethics & International Affairs:

Swedish Feminist Foreign Policy in the Making: Ethics, Politics, and Gender (2016: Volume 30.3)

Extractivism, Gender, and Disease: An Intersectional Approach to Inequalities (2018: Volume 32.2)

Blog Post: Does the United Nations have a real feminist in the next Secretary-General, António Guterres? (2016)


The 175th Cyberspace Operations Group of the Maryland Air National Guard training in 2017 (Photo credit: U.S. Department of Defense)

BBC News: Could Russia and West be Heading for Cyber-War?

While still a threat, cyber war between Russia and the West is looming. Officials in both the UK and the US have heightened their security and investigatory measures.

Read more on ethics and cyber warfare in Ethics & International Affairs:

Book Review: Ethics and Cyber Warfare: The Quest for Responsible Security in the Age of Digital Warfare by George Lucas (2017: Volume 31.4)

On the Relationship Between the Ethics and the Law of War: Cyber Operations and Sublethal Harm (2017: Volume 31.4)

Protesters outside of the American Embassy in London (Photo Credit: Flickr)

The New York Times: How the ‘Biggest Trade War in Economic History’ is Playing Out.

Initiated by the Trump administration, the United States and China are officially in what is being called “the biggest trade war in economic history so far.”

Read more on justice in trade in Ethics & International Affairs:

Book Symposium: Mathias Risse on Justice in Trade (2014: Volume 28.4)

Book Review: Why Some Things Should Not be For Sale: The Moral Limits of Markets by Debra Satz (2011: Volume 25.2)

Clean Trade in Natural Resources (2011: Volume 25.1)


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