Fall 2018 (Issue 32.3)

| September 2018
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The editors of Ethics & International Affairs are pleased to present the Fall 2018 issue of the journal! The centerpiece of this issue is a roundtable guest edited by James Pattison on the ethics of overlooked alternatives to war, with contributions from Alex J. Bellamy, Corneliu Bjola, Cécile Fabre, Michael L. Gross, and James Pattison. Additionally, the issue contains an essay by Ian Hurd on the empire of international legalism; a feature by Alejandra Mancilla evaluating the moral force of territorial claims in Antarctica; a review essay by George DeMartino on sensible globalization in an illiberal era; and book reviews by Eleanor GordonMarcus Carlsen HäggrotShadi Mokhtari, and Serena Parekh.



The Empire of International Legalism
Ian Hurd



James Pattison

The Case for Foreign Electoral Subversion [Full text]
Cécile Fabre

Covert Positive Incentives as an Alternative to War
James Pattison

The Ethics of Countering Digital Propaganda
Corneliu Bjola

Backfire: The Dark Side of Nonviolent Resistance
Michael L. Gross

Ending Atrocity Crimes: The False Promise of Fatalism
Alex J. Bellamy



The Moral Limits of Territorial Claims in Antarctica
Alejandra Mancilla



Reconstructing Globalization in an Illiberal Era
George F. DeMartino


REVIEWS [All full text]

Conflict-Related Violence Against Women: Transforming Transition
Aisling Swaine
Review by Eleanor Gordon

Toward a Cosmopolitan Ethics of Mobility: The Migrant’s-Eye View of the World
Alex Sager
Review by Marcus Carlsen Häggrot

Evidence for Hope: Making Human Rights Work in the 21st Century
Kathryn Sikkink
Review by Shadi Mokhtari

Refuge: Rethinking Refugee Policy in a Changing World
Alexander Betts and Paul Collier
Review by Serena Parekh

Briefly Noted: Psychology of a Superpower: Security and Dominance in U.S. Foreign Policy


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