Spring 2016 (Issue 30.1)

| March 2016
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08926794_30-1_08926794_30-1TABLE OF CONTENTS

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first issue in EIA’s 30th anniversary volume. This issue includes an essay by Amitai Etzioni on how to define national sovereignty through rights and responsibilities; a roundtable on the relationship between Hans Morgenthau and America, with contributions by Cornelia Navari, Felix Rösch, Hartmut Behr, Christoph Frei, Richard Ned Lebow, and Douglas B. Klusmeyer; features by  Patti Tamara Lenard on revocation of citizenship in democracies and Robert Sparrow on the case against autonomous weapons; a response by Helen Frowe to Daniel Brunstetter and Megan Braun’s article on jus ad vim (EIA 27.1)with a rejoinder by Daniel Brunstetter; and book reviews by Robert Howse and Jeffrey Mankoff.


Defining Down Sovereignty: The Rights and Responsibilities of Nations [Full text]
Amitai Etzioni


Introduction: Morgenthau in America
Cornelia Navari

Crisis, Values, and the Purpose of Science: Hans Morgenthau in Europe
Felix Rösch

Scientific Man vs. Power Politics: A Pamphlet and Its Author between Two Academic Cultures
Hartmut Behr

Politics Among Nations: Revisiting a Classic
Christoph Frei

Hans Morgenthau and the National Interest
Cornelia Navari

Hans Morgenthau and The Purpose of American Politics
Richard Ned Lebow

Death of the Statesman as Tragic Hero: Hans Morgenthau on the Vietnam War
Douglas B. Klusmeyer


Democracies and the Power to Revoke Citizenship
Patti Tamara Lenard

Robots and Respect: Assessing the Case Against Autonomous Weapon Systems
Robert Sparrow


On the Redundancy of Jus ad Vim: A Response to Daniel Brunstetter and Megan Braun
Helen Frowe

Jus ad Vim: A Rejoinder to Helen Frowe
Daniel Brunstetter

REVIEWS [Full text]

The Assault on International Law
Jens David Ohlin
Review by Robert Howse

Conflict in Ukraine: The Unwinding of the Post–Cold War International Order
Rajan Menon and Eugene Rumer
Review by Jeffrey Mankoff


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