Summer 2014 (Issue 28.2)

| June 2014
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08926794_28-2_08926794_27-2TABLE OF CONTENTS

This issue features essays by Roger Berkowitz on “Drones and the Question of ‘The Human'” and Alan Sussman on the philosophical foundations of human rights; a special centennial roundtable on “The Future of Human Rights” featuring Beth A. SimmonsPhilip Alston, James W. Nickel, Jack Donnelly, and Andrew Gilmour;  a review essay by Jens Bartelson on empire and sovereignty; and book reviews by Dale Jamieson, Tom Bailey, and Simon Cotton.



Drones and the Question of “The Human”
Roger Berkowitz

Why Human Rights Are Called Human Rights [Full text]
Alan Sussman


The Future of the Human Rights Movement
Beth A. Simmons

Against a World Court for Human Rights
Philip Alston

What Future for Human Rights?
James W. Nickel

State Sovereignty and International Human Rights
Jack Donnelly

The Future of Human Rights: A View from the United Nations
Andrew Gilmour


From Empire to Sovereignty—and Back?
Jens Bartelson

REVIEWS [Full text]

Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World
John Broome
Review by Dale Jamieson

Global Justice and Avant-Garde Political Agency
Lea Ypi
Review by Tom Bailey

Fairness in Practice: A Social Contract for a Global Economy
Aaron James
Review by Simon Cotton


Briefly Noted

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