Spring 2014 (Issue 28.1)

| March 2014
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08926794_28-1_08926794_27-3TABLE OF CONTENTS

This issue features a policy brief by Michael W. Doyle and Joseph E. Stiglitz on eliminating extreme inequality worldwide; essays by Amartya Sen on Buddha as a political thinker and George R. Lucas, Jr. on secrecy, privacy, and Edward Snowden; a special centennial roundtable on the international rule of law, with contributions from Ian Hurd, David Dyzenhaus, Christian Reus-SmitRosa Brooks, and Ruti Teitel; a feature article by Toni Erskine on “Coalitions of the Willing and Responsibilities to Protect”; and book reviews by Alan Wolfe, Andrew A. G. Ross, and George Crowder.


Eliminating Extreme Inequality: A Sustainable Development Goal, 2015–2030 [Full text]
Michael W. Doyle and Joseph E. Stiglitz


The Contemporary Relevance of Buddha
Amartya Sen

NSA Management Directive #424:
Secrecy and Privacy in the Aftermath of Edward Snowden

George R. Lucas, Jr.


The International Rule of Law: Law and the Limit of Politics
Ian Hurd

Hobbes on the International Rule of Law
David Dyzenhaus

International Law and the Mediation of Culture
Christian Reus-Smit

Drones and the International Rule of Law
Rosa Brooks

Kosovo to Kadi: Legality and Legitimacy in the Contemporary International Order
Ruti Teitel


Coalitions of the Willing and Responsibilities to Protect: Informal Associations, Enhanced Capacities, and Shared Moral Burdens
Toni Erskine

REVIEWS [Full text]

The Politics and Ethics of Identity: In Search of Ourselves
Richard Ned Lebow
Review by Alan Wolfe

Political Self-Sacrifice: Agency, Body and Emotion in International Relations
K. M. Fierke
Review by Andrew A. G. Ross

Modern Pluralism: Anglo-American Debates Since 1880
Edited by Mark Bevir
Review by George Crowder


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