Summer 2012 (Issue 26.2)

| July 2012
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This special issue, guest edited by Thomas Pogge and Luis Cabrera, features a series of articles from an expert symposium of Academics Stand Against Poverty, a new initiative devoted to employing academic knowledge and influence to combat poverty worldwide. Contributors include Thomas Pogge and Luis Cabrera, Simon Caney, Roger C. Riddell, Martin Kirk, and Keith Horton. The issue also features book reviews by Michael Blake, Barry Buzan, Robert E. Williams, Jr., and Cathal Nolan.



Outreach, Impact, Collaboration: Why Academics Should Join to Stand Against Poverty
Thomas Pogge and Luis Cabrera

Global Poverty and the Limits of Academic Expertise
Onora O’Neill 

Addressing Poverty and Climate Change: The Varieties of Social Engagement
Simon Caney 

Navigating Between Extremes: Academics Helping to Eradicate Global Poverty
Roger C. Riddell

Beyond Charity: Helping NGOs Lead a Transformative New Public Discourse on Global Poverty and Social Justice
Martin Kirk

How Academics Can Help People Make Better Decisions Concerning Global Poverty
Keith Horton


The Arc of the Moral Universe and Other Essays
Joshua Cohen
Review by Michael Blake

Hegemony in International Society
Ian Clark
Review by Barry Buzan

The Invention of International Relations Theory: Realism, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the 1945 Conference on Theory
Edited by Nicholas Guilhot
Review by Robert E. Williams, Jr.

Moral Combat: Good and Evil in World War II
Michael Burleigh
Review by Cathal Nolan

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