Fall 2012 (Issue 26.3)

| September 13, 2012
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This issue features an essay by Ann Florini on the global governance of energy; articles by Janina Dill and Henry Shue on the undue moralization of war and Ned Dobos on humanitarian intervention and the problem of mediated consequences; review essays by Tom Farer on the history and future of humanitarianism and Oliver Jütersonke on classical realism and international law; and book reviews by Jack Snyder, Andrew Hurrell, Samuel Moyn, and Martti Koskenniemi.



The Peculiar Politics of Energy [Full Text]
Ann Florini


Limiting the Killing in War: Military Necessity and the St. Petersburg Assumption
Janina Dill and Henry Shue

International Rescue and Mediated Consequences
Ned Dobos


Two Cheers for Humanitarianism
Tom Farer

Echoes of a Forgotten Past: Mid-Century Realism and the Legacy of International Law
Oliver Jütersonke

REVIEWS [Full Text]

The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution
Francis Fukuyama
Review by Jack Snyder

The Problem of Harm in World Politics: Theoretical Investigations
Andrew Linklater
Review by Andrew Hurrell

The International Human Rights Movement: A History
Aryeh Neier
Review by Samuel Moyn

Humanity’s Law
Ruti Teitel
Review by Martti Koskenniemi


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